Monday, May 19, 2014

I Heart Inkblot Speed Painting by: Tamera Newton

I Heart Inkblot Speed Painting by: Tamera Newton from Queen Of Fables on Vimeo.

Title of Inkblot "Rainbow Sage"
Artist: Tamera Newton
Music: Song "Can't get used to those" by Dimlite
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I Heart Inkblot is a roving art installation and a community based outreach program offering art therapy for parties, groups, retreats, team-building workshops and festivals.

Enter into magical journey deep into your psyche and tap into the artist deep within. Splatter a few drops of watercolor paint on a piece of paper, play around with color, blending, folds and types of paper. Once dry try different pens from sharpie to ballpoint and trace the blots to see the fantastic creatures you can create. Inkblotting reawakens creativity, provides endless inspiration, strips away self doubt, balances both hemispheres of the brain, stimulates the pineal gland (3rd eye), accesses higher dimensional concepts, connects to the collective consciousness and provides a window into your own mind.
Artist Tamera Newton is based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Tamera Newton is a multifaceted artist that explores many avenues to express her creativity, from paint, tattoos, illustration, and graphic design to sculpting, decorating, carving and much more. Her style is vivacious, full of colorful swirls and strokes that dance on the canvas. She fuses mediums, styles and techniques, drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations, scientific discoveries, spiritual practices, multidimensional awareness, transcendence, symbolism, mythology, folklore and fables. She weaves ideas and concepts with free flow strokes from the depths of her own psyche and from a connection to the universal consciousness.

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